Can I have my interactive exhibits, without PLANET PHYSICS brand?

Our interactive exhibits can be offered either by choosing our brand name – and enjoy all the benefits of a permanent cooperation- or using your brand name. Either way, you can always expect our next interactive exhibits, impressive, tested and offered in a great price!

Which are the main sources of income?

There are several sources of income for a Science Center. Tickets from visitors is a main source of income. Visitors can be families with children, students during a field trip, tourists etc. Science parties can be another source of income. During the summer, you can organize a summer-camp. Other activities, such as Robotics classes or experimental classes can contribute. Finally, you can accept donations.

How long will it take?

The time needed to construct the interactive exhibits is 2 months. Depending on your location, shipping time may vary, but should not exceed 45 days. After their arrival, all the exhibits can be installed in your Science Center within 5 days.

For-Profit or Non-For-Profit Organization?

Each case has its benefits. We can examine together what suits you best. In the case that you decide to use our brand, you will not be able to be Non-For-Profit.

What Training is offered?

We train your staff in experimental procedures, analyzing the Physics behind the phenomena. We also provide the key parameters to be mentioned for each exhibit during a guided tour. Training is mostly provided real-time.

Can I use local suppliers for the lab equipment and/or the playground?

Yes. If the lab equipment and the playground construction is more economic in your local market, you could (and probably should) use local suppliers. However, there are some experiments (e.g. Quantum levitation) that require special crafts, that we can offer at a great price, or guide you how to make them.

Can I order only one interactive exhibit?

Yes. If you already have your Science Center and need just one exhibit to enrich your collection, we can make it for you.

Is it difficult?

It is not easy, but it is not as difficult as it seems. You definitely have to be committed, especially during the 1st year of operation, but soon you will realize that if your “audience” understands that you can do…magic, everything will be much easier!

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